Sport Group Discussion Forums

The Sport Group Discussion Forums below are Google Group forums that allow stakeholders within Special Olympics to ask questions, discuss issues and work together.
The following is a list of discussion forums created specifically for each Special Olympics Ontario recognized sport.  You can also access Community / District Discussion Forums through the Information Portal.
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Sport ForumSeason / DescriptionModerator
Sport ForumSeason / DescriptionModerator
10-Pin Bowling Spring  
5-Pin Bowling Spring  
Alpine Skiing Winter  
Athletics (Track and Field) Summer  
Basketball Spring  
Bocce Summer  
Curling Winter  
Figure Skating Winter  
Floor Hockey Spring  
Golf Summer  
Nordic Skiing Winter  
Powerlifting Spring  
Rhythmic Gymnastics Summer  
Snowshoeing Winter  
Soccer Summer  
Softball Summer  
Speed Skating Winter  
Swimming Spring  
Showing 18 items